NMSI's College Readiness Program

The National Math and Science Initiative("NMSI") replicates on a national scale programs proven to elevate public education rigor and student performance in STEM related fields, utilizing performance-based accountability and rigorous demadn for results. NMSI's College Readiness Program has produced unparalleled success in expanding the number of students enrolled and achieving qualifying scores on Advanced Placement (AP*) Math, Science, and English (*MSE*) exam, especially among economically disadvantaged and minority students.

NMSI coordinates the planning, implementation, management, and funding of the Program, which includes content-focused tacher training and support, expanded enrollments, additional time on task for students, vertical team support and awards based on academic excellence, cultivation of teacher leaders and measurement of and accountability for achievement. The overall Program goal is the increase in the number of students taking AP MSE exams and receiving qualifying scores as a measure of college readiness.


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